Loyalty program

Overview of storets Loyalty program

For every purchase you make at storets, You will get Promoted Membership for the total amount of your purchases.

Explore different tier benefits

As promoted to each new tier, you can enjoy increasing Benefits as well as other perks. New members automatically join as Bronze.


Membership Status

Total purchase per 3 month.

Coupon Free Shipping


$0  10% only once.
Silver $1 ~ $500 15% once a month.
Gold $500 ~ $2000 20% once a month.
Black $2000 ~ $4000 30% once a month. 1 times / a year
Platinum $4000 ~ $8000 30% once a month. 3 times / a year
Diamond $8000 and more 30% once a month. 5 times / a year


Policy for Loyalty Program Membership level is reviewed on the 1st of every month based on the total purchase amount accumulated over 3 months.

If the requirements are met, the membership status will be upgraded for the customer.

  • In case of exchange, cancellation, or refund of any purchase, the corresponding loyalty coupon are withdrawn. 
  • Loyalty coupon can only be used online at our website.
  • Loyalty coupon cannot be transferred to another person or account.
  • Loyalty coupons are expired after 1 month.
  • Log in to your storets account to view your accumulated purchases.

   For more information about loyalty point, please contact cs@storets.com